In 2014, our community voted to support the new Moose Lake Community School, but there are several items from that project that are not complete.

As the District developed the plan that voters will consider in May, we identified the following as the remaining pieces to complete the Moose Lake Community School project. There are several outdoor items from the previous 2014 plan that were left incomplete. Simply put, we did not receive low enough bids for the proposed projects, so we prioritized and completed the essential components to stay within budget to remain fiscally responsible with our community’s dollars.


Outdoor space at the Moose Lake Community School should provide play areas for younger students, fields and trails for use by athletes and community members, and adequate parking and lighting to permit safe use of our campus. In order to host high school and community events, adequate seating, storage and locker space should be provided for teams and spectators.


The Moose Lake Community School will be a pillar of our community for the next 50+ years. However, with very few outdoor facilities, our campus is incomplete.