This proposed plan completes our campus while still staying at or below the original tax impact.

We’re grateful that our community has already committed to funding and supporting the new Moose Lake Community School. That’s why throughout the planning process, the District’s goal was to create a plan that ensures we finally complete our campus in a way that will serve our students and community members well. At the same time, we respect that local taxpayers fund the plan, so we worked to provide a plan that stays at or below the original tax impact of the 2014 referendum thanks to our strong partnership with the state of Minnesota.

The District is presenting two ballot questions focused on completing outdoor facilities and spaces and providing adequate, outdoor, activity-related amenities for the Moose Lake Community School. Community members will vote on two ballot questions. Question 2 is contingent on Question 1 passing – Question 1 must pass for Question 2 to pass.


If passed, this plan would improve our current outdoor facilities by adding necessary facility needs. These improvements will allow our students and community members to enjoy and feel safe at sporting events and practices. The plan would:

  • Add a dedicated Early Childhood playground

  • Add additional parking for activities and events

  • Improve the track and field complex with:

    • Grandstand seating for 500 with press box

    • Building near the track for:

        • Locker room

        • Concession stands

        • Public restrooms

        • Storage space for athletics

    • Necessary equipment like goal posts and irrigation system

  • Improve the existing baseball field

    • Grandstand seating for 250 spectators with press box

    • Caps for existing fencing

    • Benches in dugouts

    • Installing bullpens and a batting cage

  • Add a softball field

    • Install a new softball field

    • Install standard items like fencing, dugouts and scoreboard

    • Additional land will be leveled and prepped for a future softball field

  • Add indoor and outdoor activities items

    • Cross-country and school forest trails

    • Early childhood wing cameras for increased security and monitoring

    • New portable stage with an accessible ramp

    • Slight enhancements to auditorium sound booth

    • Additional lawn mowing equipment for increased green space

If passed, Question 2 would make additional improvements to facilities beyond those in Question 1. These would include:

  • East parking lot to handle additional parking needs during activities and events

  • Add stadium lighting for football, track, baseball and softball facilities

  • Upgrade Question 1 softball field to a complex that would include:

    • Total of two softball fields with standard items like fencing, dugouts and scoreboard

    • Public amenities like concession space and restrooms

    • Storage facilities

    • Batting cages


If one or both questions are approved by voters, some work can be completed in time for the next school year. Any work completed in 2019 will be less expensive than work completed in 2020, so now is the right time to hold the referendum.